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Rhino Slider EVO PRO 42"不锈钢滑轨 (终极套餐)
Rhino Slider EVO PRO 42

Rhino Slider EVO PRO 42"不锈钢滑轨 (终极套餐)

¥ 15,000.00

- 电动控制系统
- 42" 不锈钢导轨, 22.7 KG 承重能力
- 24" 碳纤维导轨 ,6.8 KG 承重能力
- Rhino运动电机和控制器
- Rhino圆弧电动云盘
- 紧凑静音电动机
- 可互换轨道 
- 弹簧防撞
- 包含手提包

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SKU Rhino-SKU162
Brand Rhino

Rhino Slider EVO PRO 42"

Rhino Slider EVO is the most versatile slider in the world. The compact and lightweight structure of Rhino Slider EVO make it a tool you’ll actually want to take with you. All of our rails are precision ground to within .0005” to ensure the smoothest slide you’ve ever experienced. All-terrain legs come as a standard feature which allows you to level your slider on any surface if you don’t have a tripod or if you’re looking for low to the ground shots. At the heart of the system lies our Interchangeable Rails which allow you to make your slider longer, shorter, or carry more weight as needed.


Rhino 24" Carbon Fiber Rails

These ultralight carbon fiber rails are the perfect addition to your longer 42" EVO slider. Use them when you need to be mobile and are using lighter setups. Using the interchangeable rail system with Rhino Slider EVO you can swap out rails in a few minutes. At just 1lb they are easily packable in the 42" EVO Carrying Case.


Rhino Montion

Whether it’s waiting for the perfect moment at a wedding or capturing spontaneous live action, you can be confident you’ll get the shot on the first take. Rhino Motion is the perfect accessory for both time lapse and live motion. Our patented controller wheel allows you to control your camera along the slider in real time. The controller is extremely responsive and you can be confident that you will get the smooth shot you had envisioned. Another great feature of Rhino Motion is that it automatically calculates the end points of your slider, so you never have to worry about it hitting the end during your move. You can also quickly program a move which allows you to program specific in and out points, time of travel, ramping, and looping.


Rhino Arc

Rhino Arc is designed to be the ultimate tool in your kit to help you capture any shot that you need. Arc pairs seamlessly with Motion and allows you to capture amazing time lapses, automatically track a subject, and even has built in batteries so that you do not have to worry about charging until the end of the day. With the combination of Motion and Arc, you will be ready to take on any project, job, or story. Creating a creative and smooth shot could not be any easier with Rhino Arc. Rhino Arc makes difficult panning shots easy with simple motorized control. You can use Rhino Arc to make your time lapses more compelling. Arc has a built in intervalometer and it triggers your exposures when the system isn’t moving to eliminate motion blur during your time lapse. After you create a move with Arc, you can set it to loop at the speed you would like back and forth automatically. This is great for interview scenarios.


Rhino Armor Carrying Case

Rhino Armor is designed to protect and transport your slider completely assembled even with Rhino Motion and Rhino Arc attached. This results in a simpler, more efficient workflow when shooting.
- Due to the collapsible pop-top, Rhino Slider EVO can fit with Motion and Arc attached even with a ball-head installed. It's designed to accommodate up to a 501HD head if you don't have Arc mounted. The case is padded with high density 3/8" EPS foam covered with an ultra durable ballistic nylon shell. The beefy straps securely hold your slider with a snug fit.
- Rhino Armor comes equipped with two adjustable straps, making it easy to securely carry your tripod and slider all in one bag.
- Rhino Amor is equipped with a functional mesh pocket on top for cable organization and Motion Controller. The blue zipper lining is zip sealed to protect the slider from water damage and harsh weather.



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